Guantanamo Bay–Shut it down

Recent headlines surrounding hunger strikes at Guantanamo Bay have drawn national attention to the controversial facility. Reports have stated that hundreds of prisoners have staged over a two month long hunger strike.

Through mostly an unmotivated legal system and minimal evidence, detainees have been protesting treatment and human rights violations, many of which have been imprisoned indefinitely with no clear hope of ever being released.

What is further concerning is how the US military lied to reporters about the severity of the hungry strike, according to a CBS News source.

While we hear reports of Gitmo closing its doors, we also hear reports of renovations, including chapels and recreation buildings. According to various sources, the United States Pentagon is preparing to sink hundreds of millions of dollars into the facility making it more robust than temporary.

Presently, Gitmo prisoners have surprising comforts such as video games, movies, flat screen tvs in many rooms, and an outdoor recreation field roughly half the size of a football field that prisoners have access to 22hrs a day. While I am all for the humane treatment of prisoners of war (which these men almost are), I am not for the delayed politics barricading the way to getting these men to a timely trial. These prisoners are not on a hunger strike because it makes them feel good. They are on a strike because they are desperate for attention. They are desperate for rights. And being its our money that is being spent to hold them in limbo while they play video games, I think we should listen.

Its time to convict or set free these prisoners. We must remember that even though they are prisoners, they are human. It is neither beneficial for them or to the people of the United States to keep these men in a state of waiting. Force feeding these men bottles of Ensure through feeding tubes inserted into their nostrils to keep them alive during this hunger strike is absurd.

I guess we will just half to see how long the madness lasts before somebody decides to make a needed change.


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