James Cameron says three more Avatar sequels then he’s returning to the ocean

Avatar 1

In an interview with The Daily Beast this week, James Cameron vowed he’s signed on with 20th Century Fox for three more Avatar sequels.

Cameron claims the Avatar franchise will allow him to continue his filming passions and speak to the things which mean most to him, specifically, human interaction with nature.

CG (computer graphics) are already in full gear for the next movie with teams in Manhattan Beach, California and New Zealand creating the signature Avatar world–blades of grass, flowers, and all. Cameron has also begun laying out the story with four other writers working alongside him.

Asked whether or not he’s sequel happy like many studios capitalizing on big hit movies, Cameron believes his Avatar sequel dreams are not of him selling out, but more of a George Lucas, Star Wars kind of thing.

He’s not ready to leave the blue lush world of Avatar just yet.

But why Cameron has been busy working on the next Avatar sequel, he didn’t start without first exploring a new world much more real and also very blue. Following the first movie, Cameron built a cylindrical submersible, not much wider than his body, and plunged into the ocean.

Cameron witnessed what is known as the Mariana Trench, 35,798ft below the ocean’s surface, and is only the third person in history to do so, the others being Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard in 1960.


And that is why Cameron says, when he is done filming Avatar in five to six years, he is returning to the ocean, back to science.

While Cameron loves Hollywood, he’s very much aware it’s a bubble. Self describing himself as an explorer, Cameron’s love for Hollywood and all things movies is surpassed by his yearning to discover the unknown.

We might all be in for a heck of a journey to come. Whether it’s Cameron’s next Avatar sequel, or a documentary about his descents into the unknown, Cameron is bound to excite us in the theaters.

Let’s just hope the sequels don’t run out of steam like so many franchises do.

Cameron 3


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