Readers and Writers Battling Censorship in Kuwait Have a Hard Road Ahead

An interesting peek into Kuwaiti book censorship and the battle that authors face there. While I understand censorship in a world that is becoming wildly uncensored, I also believe in the rights of each individual to choose what they want to consume. I feel that age censorship is more appropriate method. Eventually we all become adults, and as adults, we should be allowed to make our own decisions.


According to Kuwaiti Minister of Education and Higher Education Bader Al-Essa, rumors of “sex books” in Kuwaiti libraries are greatly exaggerated:

sout_al_kuwaitThe Kuwait-based Arab Times wrote earlier this week — in an article titled ‘Presence Of Sex Books In Public Libraries Rumors’ — that Al-Essa had said:

What is being published about the presence of sex books in public libraries…he called it news promoted by the social networking websites such as Twitter and others, but there is no evidence or an iota of truth in such news.

Al-Essa went on to say that anyone with “proof” should submit it to the concerned authority.

But he also promised to check up on any of these allegations, as “Essa said there are hundreds of news reports that need to be checked and confirmed and that the ministry wants to check and confirm their authenticity.”

From a relatively free 1960s and 1970s, Kuwait has become one…

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