Tesla is doing what?!?! Robotic Snake To Charge Its Cars

Jalopnik: ​Yes, Tesla Really Is Working On A Robotic Snake To Charge Its Cars. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw2aqKzSA


E-Book Sales Update


Word on the street, according to Publisher’s Weekly, is that e-book sales dipped ever so slightly in the third quarter of 2014, going from a previous 23% to 21%. The majority of the sales going to Amazon who held steady at 57% market share. The closest runner up, who wasn’t close at all, was Barnes & Noble/Nook at 14% share. Amazon the clear winner.

While e-book sales dropped, paperback sales bumped 1% from 42% to 43%. Hardcovers remained at 25%.

As e-book sales continue to bounce around, we will see what happens in 2015 as the industry, and the world, continue to move further into a fully digitalized experience.

Big Oil and the new $35k Tesla–Musk better roll up his sleeves

Photo Courtesy MotorTrend

Last week CNET posted an article mentioning the announcement of new $35,000 Tesla, aptly named the Model 3.

The new ride estimated to debut in 2017 will hang on the ability to make a cheaper battery. CEO of Telsa, Elon Musk, claims the biggest factor in making a more affordable, high-volume-production electric car is battery making capacity. Right now, such capacity does not exist to manufacture Tesla’s on a level equal to that of traditional gas-powered vehicles. But when the ability does exist, Tesla is promising us it will be game on.

That’s when Big Oil just might start feeling their mortality.

Big Oil

As the Oil Industry continues to rake in trillions, many of us know, that the real future exists in alternative energy.

Though sales projections on oil consumption gathered and presented by Big Oil claim sales will continue to rise, other research shows that such estimates are inaccurate. Big Oil argues that countries beginning to develop into industrial nations will makeup the majority of the increase as they burn more gas to fuel their economic needs. However, with climate change at the forefront of the world’s problems and environmental standards becoming more stringent, these countries are not likely to consume as recklessly as the world once did despite their growing need for fuel.

This combined with the mounting problem of extracting oil in hostile territories (both politically and geographically) at a high cost is sure to create profit woes for Big Oil. According to The Economist, “Half the supermajors’ long-term capital spending now goes on costly unconventional or deep-water oilfields, largely because production-sharing arrangements and licenses to drill in the NOCs’ backyards are increasingly hard to find. The big NOCs now make up six of the ten largest oil producers in the world.

As a result, oil companies have turned to shale for supplemental revenue, though such an investment can be seen as counterproductive to their central business model–oil. The Economist reports that both Shell and Exxon are achieving more than 40% of their energy production from gas. However, with a potential gas surplus on the horizon being predicted by economists, natural gas prices could fall below that of oil, thus providing far less benefit and more headache to Big Oil’s plans, especially with gas’ high extraction costs.

The Model 3 Tesla could very well be a sign of Big Oil’s impending doom. If Tesla can manage to create an affordable, yet high-powered lithium-ion battery through its relationship with Panasonic and it’s gigafactory idea (yet to be actualized) it could bring volume production of electric automobiles onto the playing field with traditional automakers.

Tesla could change the game.

Tesla Charger


Mr. Musk better get his bodyguards ready though, because Big Oil isn’t going to let him go without a fight.


Gaza (Day 9- Full Scale Ground Invasion)

With smiles on their faces, Israel invades Gaza…

Smiling soldiers


As the massacre continues with no end in sight, I find it hard to express everything going through my mind.

Senselessness, barbarism, sadness, corruption, innocence….

Last night while Benjamin Netanyahu cleared the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) to proceed with a full scale ground invasion into Gaza, even journalists on the front lines found it hard to control their dismay. One example was seen when CNN correspondent Diana Magnay tweeted about a gathering of Israeli civilians, calling them “scum,” as they watched and cheered the commencement of the IDF’s invasion. The commencement characterized by the raining of bombs on Gaza during the night. Pictures of the gathering resembling a Fourth of July celebration, the familiar fireworks replaced by bombs, symbolizing almost certain casualties every time they fell.

Israeli troops 2

However what disturbs me most, is that my own country, the United States, and more specifically the White House, who could stop this war in an instant, considering $350 million dollars of our country’s tax dollars were just donated to Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System, continues to standby and watch as the bodies stack up.

The White House, which so often reiterates its unwavering stance against oppression and humans’ undeniable rights to freedom has fallen eerily silent. Not even a tweet has been heard from the White House Twitter feed since the battle began. Their attention now being turned, the timing near perfect, to the recent downing of yet another Malaysian passenger plane, MH-17, which has yet to be explained.

Despite the White House’s silence, one thing that does give me succor is UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon’s decision today to visit the Middle East in an act to broker a ceasefire.

As reported by the Irish Independent, Ki-Moon stated that a “ceasefire was ‘indispensable’ for urgently needed humanitarian efforts to succeed.”

Due to the length of the ongoing conflict, he added that UN humanitarian aid had been “stretched thin.”

Furthermore, Palestinian UN Ambassador, Riyad Mansour, promised to take his pleas about the ongoing atrocities in Gaza to the UN and international criminal courts if the Security Council did not act to protect Palestinian civilians.

Mansour went on to say that Israel’s “savage aggression” into Gaza “cannot be justified by any means. It is not self-defense. It is a vengeful military aggression intentionally planned and perpetrated by the occupying power on the civilian population under its occupation.”









In closing, I want to mention a picture I recently saw. The picture accompanied by a one lined caption. It was of a Gaza paramedic that had been answering the ceaseless calls of the gravely injured and deceased. Constantly starting up his truck to help another person, the picture showed the man crying. I imagined his tears were from the horrific things he had seen, but when I read the caption, I found out I was wrong. The man had been crying because after starting up his truck yet another time, he came to realize that this time was different. This time it was his own family that he would be rescuing. But it was too late. They had been killed.


Has the world forgotten about Gaza (Day 3)

Gaza Mosque targeted by Israeli airstrikes

Gaza Mosque targeted by Israeli airstrikes , posted by thewire.com

While rockets rain down on Gaza from every which place, a lopsided US news decries attacks against Israel. Even while the death toll continues to rise in Gaza, and healthcare facilities are brought to their knees by the ceaseless stream of injured and dying victims of Israel’s military onslaught, the US and the world mostly standby and watch providing no aid, no medical supplies, and no shelter to those who are being killed. A deja vu response much similar to the Syrian civil war now ongoing for three years.

Time magazine’s online addition, states “Everything about the latest offensive is moving fast, especially relative to the last round of fighting. That November 2012 air campaign — dubbed Operation Pillar of Defense by Israel — lasted eight days. Israel’s current offensive, Operation Protective Edge, has bombed more than half as many targets in Gaza in less than half the time — 860 in three days compared with 1,500 in eight days last time.

Clearly a one sided war is being witnessed, Gaza being unequipped militarily to handled the bombardment of a nation backed by US military defense systems and weapons. Reports stating many of Gaza’s rockets being intercepted by the Iron Dome system (which the US assisted Israel in developing) or falling in open areas. There have been no reports of Israeli citizen casualties. Meanwhile, Gaza has witnessed approximately 120 deaths in three days, nearly a quarter of which have been women and children. Though Israel continues to claim its missiles and rockets are being specifically targeted at Hamas hot zones, such claims have been hard to agree with considering the destruction seen thus far.

As Palestinians continue to die and live in fear of Israel’s next missile, the world wonders how long yet another war will go on before somebody steps in.

To help the people suffering in Palestine, please donate at:  visit: http://www.irusa.org/emergencies/palestine-humanitarian-crisis-2/




Guantanamo Bay–Shut it down

Recent headlines surrounding hunger strikes at Guantanamo Bay have drawn national attention to the controversial facility. Reports have stated that hundreds of prisoners have staged over a two month long hunger strike.

Through mostly an unmotivated legal system and minimal evidence, detainees have been protesting treatment and human rights violations, many of which have been imprisoned indefinitely with no clear hope of ever being released.

What is further concerning is how the US military lied to reporters about the severity of the hungry strike, according to a CBS News source.

While we hear reports of Gitmo closing its doors, we also hear reports of renovations, including chapels and recreation buildings. According to various sources, the United States Pentagon is preparing to sink hundreds of millions of dollars into the facility making it more robust than temporary.

Presently, Gitmo prisoners have surprising comforts such as video games, movies, flat screen tvs in many rooms, and an outdoor recreation field roughly half the size of a football field that prisoners have access to 22hrs a day. While I am all for the humane treatment of prisoners of war (which these men almost are), I am not for the delayed politics barricading the way to getting these men to a timely trial. These prisoners are not on a hunger strike because it makes them feel good. They are on a strike because they are desperate for attention. They are desperate for rights. And being its our money that is being spent to hold them in limbo while they play video games, I think we should listen.

Its time to convict or set free these prisoners. We must remember that even though they are prisoners, they are human. It is neither beneficial for them or to the people of the United States to keep these men in a state of waiting. Force feeding these men bottles of Ensure through feeding tubes inserted into their nostrils to keep them alive during this hunger strike is absurd.

I guess we will just half to see how long the madness lasts before somebody decides to make a needed change.

Spain’s Modern Robin Hood Criticises Austerity

Spain’s Modern Robin Hood Criticises Austerity.

This is an astoundingly real situation. I feel terrible for the Spaniards and Greeks affected by these measures. Sometimes it takes brave individuals at the grass roots level like Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo to change a dire situation. Though what he is doing seems wrong (stealing and looting), the motives behind his actions are sincere and compassionate. He is trying to help the people being left behind.