Nuclear Energy

The nuclear disaster in Japan at the Fukushima Plant is a clear reason why we should not pursue nuclear energy. The potential fatality of such innovations is far more grave than advantageous. The disaster is an example of man overstepping his limits and not realizing when enough is enough. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes our inventions are more harmful than helpful. As humans, we must drop our egos and understand that not all of our creations are the next best thing.

When I saw the pictures of petrified Japanese people standing before men dressed in white suits with masks and radiation scanners, I understood the extent of nuclear energy’s devastating repercussions.

We cannot invest ourselves in technologies that we cannot control. If we cannot guarantee the protection of the people then we do not have the right to develop that specific kind of technology.

The economic effects on Japan could be staggering seeing as various exports will likely diminish for fear of radioactive contamination.

Truly the turmoil in Japan is a result of the earthquake that tore through the land and the subsequent tsunami that disseminated everything in its path. However, the added stress that has been placed on Japan is not because of a natural disaster, but because of the decisions of men to develop something beyond their control and capacity.

This is not an accusation brought against Japan, but a calling to the architects of nuclear energy across the world to take heed of this dire warning given to us within the wake of this terrible catastrophe. The dangers of a nuclear energy driven world are tremendous and far greater than it’s bittersweet advantages.

Let us all support the rebuilding of Japan and give them our aid as we would hope for theirs in our time of need.