Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Picture from IMDb.com

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the fourth installment to the Mission Impossible series. Ethan Hunt and his team (Jeremy RennerSimon Pegg, and Paula Patton) are covert and disavowed IMF agents endeavoring to stop a nuclear attack on the United States.

From the beginning it is an action packed technological marvel that maintains its pace throughout the movie.

Ghost Protocol features all the explosions and drama that we would expect from an action movie, along with displays of our world’s technological advancements, such as: gloves that suction to glass, screens that mimic real life, pay phones that turn into IMF portals, and a BMW i8, all that aid Ethan Hunt and his team in trying to prevent a nuclear war.

IMDb gives Ghost Protocol a 7.9 out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 93% Fresh Certified.

My vote is a 7 out of 10. I like the new technological spy tricks used and much of the filming shots; Ghost Protocol has some awesome camera angles, especially in Dubai when Tom Cruise is hanging out of the Burj Khalifa Tower and a sandstorm is looming in the distance.

However, much of this movie is like any other action movie we have seen recently, with a very typical and cliché plot line: Terrorists have hijacked nuclear codes and are threatening to blow up America. The same ole plot (terrorists threatening America) but with a twist, now the terrorists really do have weapons of mass destruction, but the terrorists aren’t Arabs. How ironic!

For this plot typicalness and similarity to many other present day action movies, I had to knock down Ghost Protocol’s rating. Though I enjoyed the action sequences and inventive camera angles, the writers could have been more original.