Rainy Day Go Away

They’re saying it’s supposed to rain off and on for the next four days, straight through Christmas. Oh my! It started raining late last night after a pretty cloudy day and has gone through most of today so far. But, that’s what it does in North Carolina come this time of year. Most of the winter we live in rain and ice. Not too much snow. At least where I live. The Blue Ridge Mountains are another story.

Having grown up in white and cold winters in the North, I miss the snow. When winter comes and the weatherman says there’s going to be a potential for snow, I’m one of the ones who’s praying for it. I love the snow! I love walking in it, driving in it (I know that’s weird), sleighing in it, and especially drinking coffee in it. I love the crispness of the air and the steam that blows from my mouth, and how everything seems to get quiet from the insulation of it, like a recording studio–everything gets absorbed. You smell fire from the hearths of houses carrying in the air. And most of all, when it snows really good, you get to sit home with your family and watch movies all day in your pajamas.

Some of my fondest memories come from when I was a kid in the North and school would get cancelled and my mom would stay home with us and my aunt would bring my cousin over. We would all hang out and watch movies and sleigh and build igloos (the sleighing and igloo part is more me and my cousin). My cousin and I would have snowballs fights with the kids in the neighborhood, each team gathering as many kids as they could from nearby houses then divvying everybody up and going at it. We would build huge forts to protect us. Snowballs flying overhead and exploding on our heads. It was awesome!

However, in North Carolina this is not the way it goes. It snows here about 3-5 times a year, and when I say snow, I mean 3 inches. But it still shuts the whole city down. Crazy huh? The worst is when it ices. One night when I was living in Raleigh an ice storm froze the city like an icicle. I mean everything was petrified frozen. Trees, grass, cars, roads, windows, power lines, heating and A/C units. The scariest part was the power lines. The ice would bring them down or split them from the weight. I remember hearing the ice crack at night during that storm. Everything laid frozen for days, and at night, I laid listening to it crack and pop and fall. Sometimes the pop was so loud you would have thought someone shot a gun.

I sure hope this winter is not like that one. No ice please! Just snow, lots and lots of snow.